Product Overview

ISL Asia Technologies Pte Ltd manufactures Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC System) as it is unique way of handling powder and granular materials for different processes such as storage, transport, screening, grinding, weighing, blending and feeding powders.

ISL IBCs can be constructed in mild steel, stainless steel or polyethylene for chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications. They are designed in round or square shape with various size options, which can be made stackable.

The IBC is widely used either as a transport container or in process handling. They are easily identified as a batch production vessel for traceability and become part of a reliable and flexible production process.

Unique Features
  • Patented Cone Valve design: promotes and controls product flow, as well as avoiding material segregation at the same time
  • Variety of Sizes: From 500L to 3,000L
  • IBCs can be stackable: helps save your expensive floor space
  • Choice of Construction Material: Able to choose the ideal material that suits your requirement
  • Easy to clean with minimum downtime: Can be dismantled and assembled in matter of minutes
Role of IBCs
  • Lean Manufacturing – When introduced in any manufacturing process, an IBC system provides a systematic approach to the identification and elimination of all kinds of waste. It is also another form of Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Batch Accountability – As each IBC has a fixed volume of material it can hold, it gives an accurate information on Batch Accountability
  • Flexible Manufacturing – An IBC system is not a fixed and rigid system. Since the IBCs are mobile in the manufacturing process, it is a flexible form of manufacturing option
  • Lower Downtime – In manufacturing industry, most companies require equipment to be cleaned. IBC systems can be cleaned off place, thus significantly reducing downtime cleaning
  • Expandable System – If the business grows, more IBCs and discharge stations can be installed in the manufacturing process, without the need to discard the old system

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