Product Overview

The Filling System provides straightforward and worry-free operation during the filling of IBCS. The cyclonic design features of the fill head ensure maximum dust containment. ISL Asia works along with their industrial partners to provide total dust containment system during filling of IBC for critical and most demanding application in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

With the aid of floor locators and sensors, the ISL Fill Head can only be lowered when the IBC is in position with the lid removed and cone valve installed. Optional floor scale can also be included to make sure the correct quantity of product is filled in the IBC.

Unique Features

Fill Head

  • Cyclonic design of the fill head to ensure maximum dust containment
  • Free passage for the products to flow
  • Easy to clean/ Minimum downtime: Can be dismantled and assembled in matter of minutes
  • Least number of components: Less spare parts requirements
Theory of Operation

The standard fill station is operated by a pneumatic cylinder to lower and clamp the fill lid to the IBC or other process vessel inlet. It has an integral cone valve to which the fill lid seals when raised so closing off the inside of the station and the powder transfer equipment above. It has an integral vent pipe to exhaust the displaced air in the IBC or process vessel as the powder is loaded. It provides a degree of containment with the inside of the station and the IBC or process vessel being exposed to the outer environment only during engagement disengagement of the fill lid which remains tightly sealed to the inlet during product transfer. For complete containment before, during and after product transfer use the ISL “Thro lid Fill” station.

The station comprises:

  • Dummy lid assembly c/w: fill lid, cone valve, valve support flange, flexible tube, cylinders c/w mount brackets, and control box.
  • Fasteners, stainless steel; fittings in brass or aluminium.
  • Materials – Fabricated metal contact parts in 316 stainless steel, 2B mill finish. Fabricated metal non-contact parts in 304 stainless steel, 2B mill finish. Metal product contact welds ground flat and smooth to 0.5Ra. External welds as laid and cleaned.
  • Elastomers in natural food quality latex.

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