Product Overview

ISL Asia Technologies’ Discharge Station designed for ISL intermediate Bulk Container to safely and hygienically discharge materials such as powders and granules into processes such as mixing, packaging, screening and conveying. The Discharge Station is designed to discharge the products from the IBC with control of the discharge rate of product flow.

Load cell can be mounted to the frame to check the weight of the product in the IBC or Loss-of-Weight Application. In addition, optional Frame Vibrators can be installed to create flow for difficult to flow powders and to ensure full discharge of powders.

Unique Features
  • Basic Discharge StationThe Lifting mechanism is not in the product flow
  • Free passage for the products to flow
  • Easy to clean/ Minimum downtime: Can be dismantled and assembled in matter of minutes
  • Least number of components: Less spare parts requirements
  • Programmable variable lift height enables the discharge station to be used in weighing / batching application
Theory of Operation

As the IBC is lowered, the IBC outlet engages into the Station “top liner” and the IBC Cone Valve locates onto the Station central “probe” thus creating an environmental seal between IBC and process. When the IBC is empty, it is lifted off the Station, as it lifts the IBC outlet remains sealed into the top liner until just after the valve re-seats in the IBC outlet. Thus, there is not even a momentary exposure of the product before, during or after discharge.

After the IBC is removed the Station can be cleaned dismantled in seconds for cleaning off place (COP) or, in place (CIP) by replacing the IBC with a “Station Wash Bin” having an integral spray ball. The Station incorporates a “rate & position transducer” which total controls the valve aperture so as to maintain either any number of positions or continuous flow rate; making it an accurate batch and continuous gravimetric feeder as well as a fail-safe valve. In rate control mode, the system automatically accommodates for any change in product characteristic or even totally different products.

The Station comprises of:

  • Transfer Hopper Assembly c/w: Position/rate transducer assembly, outer hopper assembly, top and bottom liners, probe, hopper assembly, rolling air seal.
  • Fasteners, fittings – Fasteners in stainless steel. Fabricated metal contact parts in 316 Stainless Steel, 0.5Ra. Fabricated metal non-contact parts in 304 Stainless Steel, 2B mill finish. Metal product contact welds ground flush to 0.5Ra, external welds as laid and cleaned.
  • Elastomers in natural food quality latex.
  • Probe in natural polypropylene.

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