Product Overview

Regardless the scale of the project, ISL is always willing to sit with you and discuss the details of the project. An IBC system, may at times require support structures, frames and other components that may not be in our scope of supply, but we can undertake full design responsibility.

At ISL we have incorporated such projects which include Silos, Dust collectors, Vacuum / Pressure Conveying system, etc. ISL also provides Roller Conveyors, Chain Conveyors or AGV, as required by the needs of the project, to move to the IBC system for formulation system.

Example of an ISL Formulation System

This system for the food industry consists of a “carousel” of six Discharge/Dosing Stations on a support structure, each feeding through angled pipes to a Formulation IBC. This particular system has a weigh platform under the Formulation IBC which, via the controller, automatically discharges an accurate batch of product sequentially from each Product IBC on the Stations.

The Product IBC then is taken for Mixing in an ISL IBC Tumble Blender and then on for final process feed to packing into sacks through an ISL Dosing/packing system.

Such formulation systems can be GIW (gain in weight) as this one, or LIW (loss in weight) with load cells at each station so all operate simultaneously. Rather than a carousel, they can have the Stations in a single or two lines with the Mix IBC on a chain or other conveyor.

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