Superior Valve Technology

In process-based industries, some of the raw materials come in powdered or granular form. These raw materials come in various types of packaging. ISL Asia Technologies manufactures Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Systems for the storage, transfer and discharge of powders. In its simplest form ISL’s IBC system consists of –

  1. Discharge Station
  2. IBC
  3. ISL Cone Valve

Cone Valve is the cornerstone of ISL’s IBC System.  A dust tight seal is made between the cone valve and actuator when the IBC is lowered onto the discharge station. Low-pressure plant air supply lifts the valve to withdraw product as needed.

ISL’s unique and patented design operates reliably by using low-pressure air to lift the Cone Valve into the storage vessel creating a variable and controllable aperture.

Key Features Cone Valve Provide

  • Integrated System

    ISL’s Cone Valve has an integrated system which promotes and controls product flow.

  • Provides Containment
    When placed on the discharge station, IBC’s sealing mechanism provides a good level of dust containment.  ISL is thus able to provide high level of containment systems for critical powders such as pharma and specialty chemicals.
  • Systematic Discharge
    When the Cone Valve is lifted for discharging the product or blended material, there is systematic discharge of materials to avoid Segregation.
  • Easy Connection
    When ISL IBC system is placed on the discharge station, no further manual intervention is required as compared to other containment systems.

Common Problems in Bulk Handling

  • Bridging
  • Rat Hole & Segregation
  • Core Flow Problems
  • Tubular Free Flow

Comparison with other Valve Technologies

  • Butterfly Valve

  • Poor Flow Control

    • Rat holes & Segregation
    • Bridging when closing

  • Difficult To Close, not Failsafe

    • Product traps, stays open on failure

  • No Containment

    • Valve outlet coated with product after discharge

  • Medium Maintenance

    • Not so easy to clean

  • ISL’s Cone Valve

  • First In, First Out Flow

    • Tubular free flow past cone
    • No segregation, rat holing, bridging

  • Accurate Dosing

    • By weight, continuous and batch

  • Containment

    • Dust tight, leak free valving

  • Low Maintenance

    • Easy to clean, Less than 12 components

Wide Range of Applications

With total flow control, accurate dosing and focus on automation, ISL Cone Valve based systems can be employed for –

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Chemicals
  • Fine Powders
  • Granules
  • Abrasives
  • Fragiles
  • Steriles

To know more on how Cone Valve Technology can help your business